Introduction of glide mechanics

Maybe I’ve played too much Population 1, or maybe it’s just that I loved Breath Of The Wild, but does anyone else think that it would be cool to have the ability to glide down from higher ground?

Core concept
Suggestions of implication:

  1. A backpack replacement much like a hand glider that has to be crafted, to be worn instead of a backpack. Retractable wings for easy movement around town?

  2. Or it could just act as an item, and be no bigger than a kite for example. You could then keep it in your tool belt, and grab it on the fly two handed holding it above your head as you dive off the highest thing you can find, and glide gently down to the next area.

  3. A skill, maybe even new shrine “Adventurer”
    Skills include map reading, treasure hunter, glide, maybe even a swim/dive ability, but I digress.

  4. A bag made from feathers low storage but has wing that unfurl! For a more balanced gameplay.

Personal twist
This would be a super fun way to get around, and could even open up new potential areas that were previously un accessible, new chests even a new shrine maybe!

No offence but I think this has been requested a thousand times, we need more to rock the vote for gliders. but I do love the idea of being able to glide around

None taken, on the contrary it’s reassuring to know so many are requesting this feature, the people have spoken! Is there actually a voting system available 9r was that just a figure of speech?

Figure of Speech

We’ll just have to see what happens then.

yes, very much indeed