Inventory issue, can't take items out

Description: i have the problem that i can normaly interact with items and combine them and so on and i can put items into my inventory slots, but can’t take them out

Reproduction Steps: sadly i don’t know how

Server: on the tutorial server the problems already started

Time: every time i start the game

Dicord Username: lttle_eclipse#1110

Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post. i’ve tryed to look them up, but in the folders i can’t find any, even at the %appdata% /alta luncher or %appdata% /a township tale there are simply no logs (even in the log folder)

thanks to some friendly people i found out that i have to press the grab botton on my valve index controlers kinda hard, than it works, but it still is unusual that i have to press that hard to grad anything out of an inventory
and i have the same every time, no matter what server