Iron from the first to 10th level

There should be iron on every level from the first to tenth level. Iron is already hard to come by.

I’m new to the game. We all hear people say that and you gotta grind I get it. But iron and wood are the sole materials for this game. Please make iron easier to get, as me and my buddy just ran around in the dark trying to find iron for 2 hours. Come to find out, we had gold and not iron. Barely any at that.

So on the ground level I’ve found a few iron bars here or there. But not a lot which is fine. But there’s got to be more iron in this game that’s easily obtained. It doesn’t have to be heaps of it. It can be enough to make a few iron tools to be able to go back down or to make to chop down trees up top.

Welcome to ATT.

What do you mean by the sole materials for this game?

If you know what you are doing you can get like 50 iron ingots in just 1 hour and what do you mean with this?

But iron and wood are the sole materials for this game.

You got 10 different metals in the game, copper, iron and gold are the most common ones.
The top metals
Valyan: highest damage
Palladium: highest durability
Electrum: lightest weight
Mythril: great damage, durability and weight

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