Item Quality

The basic idea of this post is that, determined by a few factors, items should have a quality level attached to them that increases it’s effectiveness or, if it’s of poor quality, reduces it.

Quality Crafting
Part of the reason for the quality system/stat is to make crafting more interesting, let players have a skill element (real life skill) to crafting and reward players for getting more skilled in their craft.

I’m not really sure how this would be handled though, possibly having unessary strikes reduce the quality, consistency in crease qualit and some kind of way to put more time into the item to increase it’s quality a bit. Maybe a good blacksmith can slightly increase the quality of a tool/blade when repairing it which would let old relics appear of items that have been used and repaired so many times that it can do more than a normal one should, though this quality increase should have a dimishing return, so a 200% quality tool would get way less increase than just a normal one.

Simple, to make crafting better, let players get invested bnb in their craft teying to make better tools and such and generally give players in the late game right now something they can do, Instead of “look at how wacky I can make this valyan tool/weapon” or “I got to valyan, now what?” People can strive to make a better tool or weapon that they can treasure.