Items vanished while holding in hands and walking through the plains

While walking through the plains with items in my hands, they vanished and I could not find them anywhere.

Reproduction Steps:
Walk from camp to camp in the plains with items in each hand, while I don’t know exactly how to reproduce it, three items have vanished this way.


Approximately 1:40 AM EST

Dicord Username:

Logs, because Reio is new to the forum so can’t upload stuff.
reio (4.6 MB)

I had the same thing happen to me today around 11 PM PDT. I tried a few random items after realizing what was going on (lost 2 real weapons before experimenting). All items disappeared near the 2 camps that are close to each other (one lower, one higher). The items disappeared at the entrance of the lower camp, and coming from the upper camp, once you got on the hill directly beside the lower camp.

Same thing happened to me just crossed the middle camp and my redwood bow dissapeared along with 48 redwood i put in my belt