I've found a glitch, and I really need this to be fixed... (Oculus Quest 2)

Hey there! So, recently when I’ve been trying to leave my server I made, it says “Failed to leave server” and when I try to change settings, e.g The name, and description, it says “Failed to update settings”. I really need to leave the server, or change the server settings, but… I can’t… Please help! Thanks.

Hello! This could be a download mishap from the new update, so try to uninstall and reinstall first. If this doesn’t work, check the log files and try to post them here if you can.

I was in the Land of cheese Server and as soon as I get in it says lost connection it’s not my Wi-Fi, everyone else is having the problem

@ajm817 So is this about this topic or a completely different subject, if that’s the case then you would be breaking community guidelines. You should make a new post for this!