Jumpy cauldrons spilling my stews

So there’s this strange problem with stews in cauldrons. whenever I take my stew off a hook in the Tavern, and set it on the ground, the cauldron freaks out and goes a bit nuts. it’ll tip over, flip around, roll all over the place, and usually attempt tactics to spill my hard-earned stews. It does this when I set the cauldron on the table by the stairs. Anywhere else (e.g the ground, the other table) will just tip the cauldron over.

I had a similar issue last night where I put the cauldron on the ground and it flipped around but it normally just landed right back in the upright position.


Township’s physics are horribly jank, issue is that you only notice how horrible they are with cauldrons and buckets that you often place on the ground.

Edit: I did a post


I have had this happen to me many times. drop a cauldron? It flips like a gymnastic. brush a stick off your worktable? it comes back like a clingy ex-gf. Boramy needs to make someone fix this.