Jumpy cauldrons spilling my stews

So there’s this strange problem with stews in cauldrons. whenever I take my stew off a hook in the Tavern, and set it on the ground, the cauldron freaks out and goes a bit nuts. it’ll tip over, flip around, roll all over the place, and usually attempt tactics to spill my hard-earned stews. It does this when I set the cauldron on the table by the stairs. Anywhere else (e.g the ground, the other table) will just tip the cauldron over.

I had a similar issue last night where I put the cauldron on the ground and it flipped around but it normally just landed right back in the upright position.

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Township’s physics are horribly jank, issue is that you only notice how horrible they are with cauldrons and buckets that you often place on the ground.

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