Lantern stand does not stay attached to ore bag

Description: attaching a lantern stand to an ore bag visibly attaches it for the player but it just falls off for anyone else. I’m not sure if it has to do with having attachments occupying all slots as the stand appears near the back of the bag, not where the other attachments connect

Reproduction Steps: place ore bag on a hook, attach lantern stand. other players will either see it just drop or disappear or sit strangely. moving far enough away from the crafting house, ie the mines, will cause it to disappear from your bag and appear on the floor at the crafting station again.

Server: all

Time: 12:30pm

Dicord Username: SebastynDevlin#0001

Is this still an issue?

I’m not sure, its been quite some time since I was on the game. The issue may have been related to already having a side pouch on the bag, but without more information I’m really not sure why it refused to connect to the bag