Legit Lumberjacks

Make woodcutting more interesting, functional and realistic.

Core concept
A pretty simple addition at its core, but one that lines woodcutting up a little more with actual lumber work. Whole logs must be hauled to and stood vertically on specific chopping stumps at the woodcutting hut near the bridge and struck from above with an axe to be successfully turned into wedges. The accuracy & force of the strike and the size of the log would determine the wedge yield, and wedges are collected automatically in a slot visualised by a pile of wood around the stump. I just feel this would help clean the process up a bit. Less scooping up tonnes of wedges while under fire from the treefolk

Personal twist
There could even be a repairable saw mill near the woodcutting hut which can be fueled and used for mass, automated logging. Perhaps entire trees (de-branched) could be hauled to the mill to be sawed into proper timber planks for building houses (when/if that happens).

I like the general idea.

Chopping stumps wouldn’t really make sense much, when you have a perfectly good one that comes with every felled tree (it’s the tree’s stump still in the ground) and chopping stumps aren’t needed, the whole point is a study spot to put what you are chopping that you can hit with the axe without damaging it (you could mess up an axe hitting a rock but not a stump) but I really like the idea of having strikes hitting the top of a wood round (the piece of a trunk) being a lot more effective, maybe the wood wedges that you don’t get (from poorly splitting the round) would give you wood scraps, so there is less of the “game removes matter” feel.

Also it’s important that you don’t have to do too much and still get some wedges, since you can’t expect a new player to drag all the wood to the hut on top of felling a tree with (most likely) a flint axe, well at least it’s just more you’re expecting a player to remember, but it works well as something that makes you more efficient in getting wood later on.

I really like the idea of a saw mill, it could be the most efficient end goal that works well with the structure of the township were someone could build and run a mill which gives a job.

The mill could also be used in making wooden products that you just can’t make with wedges (planks for example).

Over all it’s a great idea to add more to the woodcutting system as long as new players can use a simplify but less efficient version of it.

Thanks, yeah its definitely still a bit of a vague suggestion lol

My main reasoning for this was that the stumps that come with your felled trees aren’t strong and sturdy really. They are “popped” quite easily so that a new tree can grow and certainly aren’t wide and flat. But absolutely agree that any flat sturdy surface should do. That said, having a set station with the wedge collecting slot would be nice too, maybe the log could even snap in place. But I figured since the woodcutting hut is right on the other side of that wooden bridge leading to the woodcutting area where 2 trees spawn in a relatively safe spot; that new players wouldn’t have to work too hard or haul logs too far for their starting wedges. I think the question is: would whole logs need to become a visually redone pocket item or do they have to be hauled with two hands or by other locomotive means such as a wagon? And at this point is it worth it :sweat_smile:

@Azazeal, we would probably need something like a loggers cart, similar to the minecart/hand trolley, and also pretty expensive, like 30 wood for the basket part, then some metal plates for the wheels/skids (skids would be less CPU intensive), and a couple of sticks for the handle that you grab to pull. However, in the absence of said cart, with 4-6 people you could carry logs, and only 1 person could drag logs, but with SEVERE mobility debuffs. Larger groups of log carriers would have similar movement debuffs, but with smaller consequences. Also, carts could be able to be motorized, with a bunch of metal, and run on oil/refined oil from seed presses or smth idk. Motors we probably don’t need, but carts would be faster if more people pushed it, making logging more of a community profession.