Leveling System

player would kill, collect,and craft, anything they do can add a little or alot of xp to the player
allowing them to level up

Core concept
now this wouldnt actually mess with the leveling system thats already in play instead it shows above the players what level they are and there would be the ability for level resets after a wipe on a server when all players are freshly spawned with nothing

Personal twist (optional)
multiple ideas for this
1 level zones until a player gets to a certain level they cant go to that location
2 level shop players can buy items with gold depending on their level these item would be like wood, ores or items that are not able to be easily found
3 players can maybe prestige losing all levels and skills but be giving the player a way to reset from the beginning after maxing their players skills out

This would be very, very, very bad for ATT. No prestige or proper leveling, this isn’t a typical MMORG no matter how much people want it to be.


Seconding this, I’d much prefer being able to level up a ton of different skills (kind of like we have now, but also a lot little skills like maybe a health one and other stat like skills that just passively add more benfits to the player) with no actual main level. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a fire resistance skill that gives a very low amount of damage reduction to fire damage so that a player that preffers to fight fire based enemies slowly gets a boost against that?

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Yeah that could be nice, maybe it would be like skyrim where the more you do of it the more skills you can upgrade. Maybe it wouldn’t even have a UI, the more you do something it becomes easier no matter what you want, you’ll eventually develop fortitude to fire automatically.

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