Limiting spam in the Discord

Some basic measures to prevent newcomers writing or posting things they shouldn’t be…

Core concept
Due to the nature of Discord, there will always be trolls who revel in posting inappropriate content or spamming channels. That’s why I suggest some very basic measures to prevent this.

Firstly, newcomers should not be allowed to post images, links or videos in any channels except for #tech-support and #tips-and-help for at least an hour. This would prevent a lot of trolls joining just to waste Mod’s time by posting stuff that is strictly against the rules.
As well as this, you should not be able to post anything in #Community-Servers for at least an hour after joining.

Agreed, while I haven’t heard of this happening I know from personal experience that spamming trolls is a nightmare for mods.

Trust me, I’ve seen a hell of a lot of things I didn’t want to.

There was this really fun one time when none of the mods were alive, and some… Questionable individuals who had just joined posted quite a few questionable things…

Yeah, not fun, some restrictions should be put in place for sure.