LIV Integration Notes

  1. The LIV camera could REALLY use a depth dissolve shader for when it ends up behind walls (so you can see through walls from the LIV cam)

  2. Might be me, but no matter what I try I can’t get it to calibrate in a way that makes it happy with where to put the backpack. Maybe it needs a different offset from the HMD? Its in a position that draws the bedroll behind the LIV plane just fine, but the rest of the pack ends up in front of me.

  3. When running LIV I can’t throw things more than like 2 feet. Potentially my system performance, however I keep thinking back to the jump height bugs in the Quake games where it would improperly integrate over the update time and end up dropping decimals to varying degrees of error if the frame rate is too low.

Depending upon how you’re achieving the client-server interpolation this may be relevant regarding the integration (I realize that Unity uses a fixed tick rate, but when the FPS drops below a threshold this can still occur if not properly dealt with):

My last play in LIV for reference

Throw example

Thanks for the feedback!

  1. I’ll definitely look into it! We’re a bit busy with some of our other tasks right now so it’s unlikely to be addressed soon, but as we move closer to release I’ll definitely look into this for polishing up LIV integration.

  2. This was a bit difficult. I had to add some custom features to get the backpack to work properly with LIV at all, and when bending over or back it will often clip anyway because the backpack is still attached to the player model and will move alongside that model when bending. At the moment it’s pretty difficult to solve this without writing more LIV-specific display features for the backpack while it’s on your back, but it’s another thing I’ll look into once we’re closer to a polish phase.

  3. This is certainly a strange one. I presume that this is due to performance hits while running LIV, the game, and recording/streaming, but I’ll certainly look into it.

Thanks for the additional sources and links to examples, those are really helpful! And thanks again for the detailed feedback!

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Dissolve Shader for Camera:

The link to part 2 doesn’t work from part 1 so I linked both.
It would really help us streamers out in presenting the game with more visual acuity! I realize you’re super busy, but if you can bump this up on the list we have a whole slew of streamers at FeVR hopping onto our private Township server more and more often. Now to figure out the HMD offset…