Live event before the Forest goes live

Basically, this goes down with a bang since the Forest update goes live for all Alta servers, so this will be a scripted event before the Forest update goes live, since the update goes with a somewhat full wipe, world and player inventories.
Core concept
The whole concept is decided by Alta devs, since this is merely an idea that I shouldn’t decide that should be decided by the events creators alone.
Personal twist (optional)
Honestly, I kinda like it if it became a trip to a different village or just one of the structures going unstable resulting in the village and some other structures being destroyed along with the inventories we have except for us, who have levels…

This more will make sure that everyone wants to play before the wipe goes into effect, making sure that players will also go into Alta servers after the update, talking about the event in general and such.

imagine like a hurricane that goes over the already existing forests and wipes them off, also wiping away the mountains, leading up to a new biome. after the hurricane there would be a storm and everything would grow back

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Hahaha, the idea is great, but I think we’re a little stretched thin to work on something like that. Maybe we can mess around with the public servers a bit before everything goes out. Might tell the mods to do something fun, since the dev team will be sweating out their palms releasing the forest.


I volunteer for any shenanigans. Pretty sure Boris and Poi would be down as well.


im down lol
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Only just saw this, but yeah, i would be down

I think this is a great idea but instead of everyone still being in a server the game will kick everyone in the server then bring you to the menu and the screen glitches and says “take off your headset forgot to mention at the bottoms to say “don’t actually” and then your avatar at the current time will take off the headset and walk over to a computer to show a cutscene projecting on a ingame screen and Showing cutscenes of avatars maybe some of the top donator’s avatars to honor them and dropping items in a chest and watch them disappear then a portal opens up with a name saying “forest update” and they jump in and slide down into the world from a hole in the sky and watch the horizon of a new map created before them and see them running and teleporting towards this “new beginning”

Edit: I would’ve gone with something bigger but that would’ve crashed most people’s computers it still seems like a memorable scene that would make the older players remember

Man I can’t really figure out what you’re suggesting even with it being ““not as big””

I thought it was some cheesy “trapped in VR” joke but I can’t tell anymore.

If it isn’t a joke than I think a lot of it doesn’t fit ATT, and also would probably be a ton of work for a single update thing that would only be used for that one day.

It’s not a trapped in Vr thing and most computers could really actually handle it like when you’re kicked the game asks whether you want to watch the cutscene then include That computers may not handle it

Also the cutscene that I’m thinking wouldn’t be too high quality you’re looking at them through a in game screen as you know while not breaking immersion I really only expect around say 1 minute to 1 minute and a half

The part where you tell players to “take off their headsets” but also don’t want them to is both meta for the game and also would cause confusion for players that actually do take the headset off.

Even if the cut scene isn’t that high quality any sort of animation or the like take a lot of time to make and again isn’t really worth it for a semi big update, I could see them doing something for like a 1.0 update, but not much besides that.

I could see that I guess I forgot to add about at a small caption in my comment “(not actually)” just seems like a Little thing that popped into my mind whilst reading the comment maybe a side thing that could be a fan project instead seems more like that tbh

Maybe but seems unrealistic because it takes a long time for plants to reform