Loadout holder (name for changing)

So a lot of people dislike the idea of void bagging, and I do too. It’s an unfair bug that gives veterans
even more of an advantage over new players who don’t know how. However, the concept of having multiple bags is a good one, and would be VERY useful for doing different things. So, I present to you…

Bag holders.
This might have been done before, but I’d like to put it out myself. Basically, you could have something in an upper floor of the town hall, or in houses if they add houses, or even a new building maybe (I doubt it) that can hold a spare backpack or two. I’m not sure what’s fair or unfair, but one backpack sounds fair to me. The holder would keep everything in the backpack, and if they add armor, it probably would keep armor as well. The idea is to have loadouts for, say, gathering, with a pickaxe and an axe and a ton of room, and then, a making bag, with hammers and chisels and a plethora of crafting ingredients.

Now, I love upgrades in games. Nook’s Cranny in Animal Crossing, enchanting tools in Minecraft, even getting a red iron set and ditching your copper in this game. so, what if the holder was an upgrade of itself, that you would spend coins to buy. this would give coins more of a use, as the trading stalls seem to be “out of stock” ALL THE TIME, which kinda gets on my nerves. So, using coins to get access to the machine or get more slots would give them a use.

Countless times.

If this were to be added it would be in housing as that looks like the only place we are getting more storage (since the devs want us to take a job in the township instead of trying to do everything as one person)

But it’s concept kind of goes against what the devs have said they want (that being players having a job in the township which they contribute with) since the loadout holder is basically for swapping between different job load outs.

Well part of that will be filled with housing as you’ll need to pay rent on housing.

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