Logging out in the mines = Free teleport back to spawn

You ever just spend 75 of those hard earned crystals trying to go down the televator to try and maybe find some rare ores only to realize you have to use the bathroom and log off? Odds are you will end up in a glitched state the next time you spawn in and will have to force close the game. Once you force close the game, you will be put back at the normal town respawn point.
Reproduction Steps:
Use the televator with 75 crystals, Go down a floor(or a few), Log out with the orb, rejoin the server (at this point you should be glitched, if not then try to teleport around), close the game in the glitched state, relaunch ATT, join the server, be at the spawn. (If you would like to see a clip of what the glitched state looks like, DM me on discord)
A Far off Land [AFL]
June 2nd 2021
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