"Looting" Skill Tree

As I mentioned in the spoiler channel on the ATT discord server, how about a skill tree based around Looting?
-You can level it up by opening chests, digging graves and smashing pots + crates and uprooting vegetables.
-Taking items from shelves in the town does NOT count towards the upgrading of this skill.

Skill Tree:
-Thorough Look: Chests will always have loot inside of them that is visible to only you. People without will only see the chests default appearance and other players with this perk will see a different set of loot in the hidden spaces. This hidden compartment resets with the weekly reset and can have anything in it, from apples to Valyan. It’s also affected by the skill “4-Leaf Clover”.

Branch/Path 1: Spyglass Upgrades

Path 1: Seeker: Your spyglass will highlight pouches in it’s view,even through walls. They will glow with a red outline when you look through your spyglass.
Path 1: Reconnisance: Spyglasses have a +5x zoom factor when you look through them.
Path 1: Magic Glass: Spyglasses highlight dig spots, ores, pots & boxes and can see clearly in the night and dark areas such as the caves

Branch/Path 2: Item Aquisition

Path 2: Forager: You have a chance to get bonus items when uprooting vegetables out in the wilds (maybe 5 coins or 3 ingots of a random material, idk?)
Path 2: Resourcefulness: Your tools last 20% longer and torches burn out 50% slower.
Path 2: 4-Leaf Clover: You are more likely to get rare drops from dig spots and chests (Mythril ingots, Iron/other metal weapon parts, ect)

The shrine for this skill could be found near the entrance of the upcoming Forest area, since it seems like the perfect place for a scavenger to train or work.

Glad you changed the first perk, but it makes more sense for it to refill with the chest its in intead of weekly.


I really like the idea of this skill tree and it’s perks. It’s subtle but highly useful for many things, it would give the spyglass more use and make it sought after.

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I like it, but definitely make the spyglass 5x Zoom toggleable


One word, immersion. This breaks that. Please see the client side loot thread for the reasons why this skill tree is not a good idea. I also dont like the idea of leveling skills to get higher random chances. Bonus items from foraging and digging would be cool, but no skill connected to them, that totally ruins the lucky feel to getting something, and is overall a bit lame.

I think this different, since the extra items in the chests are specifically in the nooks of the chest or a hidden compartment so there is a immersive reason that they are there, though a little bit immersion breaking that you can’t show other players, but it makes sense that they wouldn’t be able to find the slots.

Yeah, preferably also being able to have points in between too, normal zoom isn’t very useful and 5x would make it only useful for far off places.

@Camm9B09 I think things like lock picking would fit with the skill tree since it has to do with looting.

I think this skill only works early game as forging vegetables, besides fitting more in a farming skill, isn’t much of something players will most likely do later game since it would be more efficient to buy food from farmers, much like smelting down cauldrons isn’t efficient later game.

I don’t think this fits in this skill tree, it would fit better in something like this "Survival" Skill-tree, since this is a skill make much sense to be exclusively “looter” based, it’s like giving blacksmiths a skill that buffs their attack.

This is another good example, this skill, just from those two bits, fit more in the miner skill tree than any other one. Seeing in the dark, even if just by a bit, would make mining 5 times easier, not to mention being able to have the ores outlined. Even with this all only through a spyglass 99% every miner would spec into this skill tree just for that.

I think this skill tree only works if the skills let the player fit well into a team, since then having a looter would let you find more loot in both the chests and the ability to find more chests (disable traps and locks if we go with that idea), though it’s best to have it so you aren’t missing too much out on stuff unless it’s something like a big dungeon which you wouldn’t expect to solo or really run often.

Tbh all this stuff about lockpicking and stuff seems like it would fit better under the assassin/rogue tree.

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Either have one rouge skill tree that splits off into assassin and looter/"“theif”" branches or have them as whole different skill trees. probably only one skill tree though with the two sub trees.

As much as lockpicking and looting would fit with that kind of class, it’s best to keep the combat and the utility separated, since you could easily only be going for the combat skills or the loot based skills.