Low poly assets appearing aswell as normal ones

this is just a hypothesis* sorry for bad photo i have a few more from the second time but can only post 1

Reproduction Steps:
1st time this happened I had used a recall from woodcutting
2nd time just happened at carpentry

11pm gbt
Dicord Username:


For future bug reports, these assets are called “imposters”.

It’s important to use correct terminology in future to make the dev’s jobs easier and not confuse anything.

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Just want to add that the impostor glitch still exists (march 3, 2021).
It happened to me again just now, this time to the trees outside of the crafing building.

I also found the crafting building itself glitching, it looks like a different type of glitch, although it does look LoD-related too.

Video of the events, sorry for the jerky camera: https://youtu.be/EuL29vOmlW8

Reproduction steps?
Absolutely no idea. I haven’t been able to see any pattern from the few times I’ve experienced it.

This time I just loaded in game near the carpentry, then walked up to the crafting house. Boom.
Walking away and coming back did not help (but other people were in that chunk so it didn’t unload in between… edit: truth be told I probably didn’t walk far enough away, I was a bit distracted at the time, hence the shaky camera too)
Logging out from the server and joining again did remedy the glitch.

i have only had this game for 1 month and seen it many
times but never known what its called ty

Are people still seeing this issue?

Can confirm when loading in for the first time on us2 today the same happend to me re logging fixed it