Mage hand spell

Mage hand is a tool that mages use to grab far away things.

Core concept
When magic gets added in I would love for a mage hand spell if you don’t know what this is. It is a speel that allows you to grab lightweight objects from far away. example. (Books, food, small weapons, and arrows)

That sounds interesting, might not work if spells are cast with a wand and/or staff.

What if it was a piece of “armor” (cloth gloves that fit in the armor slot with durability and such) that let you do the same thing?

Really good idea, simple way to add “tele grab” without breaking immersion.


Actually a glove would be great way to slip it in


I was about to suggest the same thing, not specially a mage thing, but just a basic feature that would allow people to grab stuff from the ground without constantly having to bend over and hurt your back or knees.
Many games have this feature and it’s a nice thing ^^

The devs are already planing to make a crouch button for accessibility. I’d say as long as the tele grab thing is tied into something you make/find/learn like a glove or maybe a spell (but then that limits it to just mages (depending on the magic system)) since tele grabbing would be unimmersive (if it isn’t in a system) and would put anyone not using it at a disadvantage.