Magic Mega-Post


There are a lot of different forum posts for magic, and it’s hard to get all the information in one place to sort through what is and isn’t wanted. With the help of @edit, I’ve sorted the posts into a few different categories with a small summary of the idea. It’s not perfect, but, hopefully, this will help the community become more organized with magic ideas. Please, tell me if you disagree with the placements of some posts or if you just want to talk about magic in the game!

General Mechanics





Magic Items

Spell Ideas

That’s really nice summary!!!


Added An introduction on adding magic and making crystals more useful to the Magic Items category

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RIP my post :frowning:
at least add it in for the spellthief idea

Sorry, but I don’t think I understand. Could you clarify?

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He’s talking about his post The Great Magic Compromise.

Edit: Might have been partly my fault, might have forgotten it when I was looking up all the magic posts for Kind, might be wrong about that though, was a while ago.


As long as spells are shot instead of literally thrown im game nothing takes me out of the mage mood than chucking a spell. I want to shoot a spell from a longer distance. It’ll still be hard to aim too

I mean you could have both, either it being something you can change or just lower level spells being chucked while high level ones are shot.

But yeah it would suck of it was all thrown.