Magic Rituals

Just as the title says magic rituals but how it would work is that you would place a page on the floor and once you do that you can snap materials and stuff into place similar with the tools. Different ingredients can boost different parts of the ritual like effectiveness how long it lasts, and the ability for some other materials to survive (a catalyst if you will)

The rituals can do different things like temporarily enchant your weapons/armor (whenever that gets added) or enhance your self or put ill effects on your enemies.

Rituals effects can be removed by doing a rather simple ritual unless it was very powerful then you may need to reach deeper into your pockets

Some rituals would require others in order to function just because of there shear power. EX:

  • you would need to cast a ritual to extinguish all fires because the one your about to cast may light you on fire from its shear strength
  • you need to create a spectral altar with another ritual in order to power one that may teleport you to your last death or something

When doing rituals instead of there just being a stationary book in town, the player can craft there own to take with them.

There would still be a book in town but this one would only hold basic rituals.

There could be some sort of research table that players can put different materials in and slide different sliders, to unlock new rituals for there own spell book.

Another option:
Players could sell pages with a ritual on them so other players can unlock them for there own book


You can only cast a ritual on some one else if they are present when you cast it or you gain a tag-lock of them.

A tag-lock is basically any time that belongs to them like a piece of there clothing/hair or one of there tools

How would one go about getting tag-locks?

Also, what if the pages made the outline of the ritual, and the order you have to place the ingredients in would glow blue, similar to how the carpenter’s table works?

Having to set up a whole ritual sounds lame tbh

Idk it sounds kinda fun to me. Edit and I were talking about other ritual applications, like setting up a warp somewhere and replicating the rune for a short-duration portal. Maybe even prep them in advance and store the power in a paper for a weaker on-command ritual spell.

Tag-locks would mostly likely be obtained by using a kit that would rip a piece of there clothing off or you could just steal their tool

Well I imagine every ritual would require some form of different ingredients and different positioning of said ingredients

I like the idea of sorting the rituals power in some sort of item to be used on command.

Of course the ones activated on the spot would hold much more power. Every ritual would have a limited amount of time like the warp you said and maybe would require multiple rituals like one on each end of the warp.

If a ritual was a duration thing you could see how much time is left by how damaged the items used in the ritual are

I also had a idea of rituals that could permanently argument the player in small ways like being able to summon a small fire on your finger to light something on fire, or permanent increased speed