Magic system concept

Add a magic system, where you draw in the air while holding a button on the controller, to use magic.
Core concept
Add magic, kind of like “The Dragon Prince” how, you can have a primal stone to cast certain types of magic, for example, you could draw a lightning bolt in the air, and then thrust your hand forward, to shoot lightning out of your hand. (all done while holding a cloud stone in your other hand)

What if the player doesn’t draw very good?

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Drawing in the air is far too overdone in VR, with the likes of Orbus and the upcoming Zenith featuring it. I’d much prefer large gestures like smashing the ground or punching to send rocks/fire flying. I imagine you’d have to enter a “magical stance” to perform these gestures so you don’t perform them on accident.


This was discussed a long time ago and at the end of the discussion pretty much everyone agreed that this was not suited for att.

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