Make blacksmithing great again

Some ideas gathered from the supporter channel to improve blacksmithing for warriors, newbies and master blacksmiths as well.

Core concept

  • Moulds: Rather than the current wide selection, they could be reduced to different billet sizes and shapes. Billets are unforged metal bars that can be shaped as needed.
  • Designs/Forging: Perhaps similar to the book & projection system used in carpentry. The desired design page is placed in a projector. Different areas of the billet and anvil glow to indicate which part to hammer, and where on the anvil to do so. Flat parts on the face (area 1), curved parts on the horn (area 2), etc. Doing so accurately could offer a small bonus to durability. Doing so poorly could affect the texture slightly, making it look poorly hammered.
  • Quenching: A concoction crate can be filled with either water or oil to quench the forged metal item. Water is free, but offers no extra benefit. Oil is more expensive, but increases durability. Unused oil can be put back into a large liquid container carried by players. Oil could be obtained via a seed press, tying in nicely with farming.
  • Grinding: A grinding wheel located outside the blacksmith hut could be optionally used to sharpen blades, at the cost of slightly reduced durability. Grinding well (perfect angle, ideal duration) could increase the damage buff or reduce the durability penalty. Gives an extra way to customize or min/max.
  • Etching: As an opportunity to further personalize weapons and later armor, players could be able to use a collection of templates and symbols to etch into the metal.

Thanks for posting the idea. Super solid.


suggested somthing similar but your ideas cover what i suggested and expanded on it so agreed and voted !
for reference, my previous post about blacksmith => my post


Well researched. All for it.

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sounds like a solid idea
my only fear is the server lag and it’s impact on the whole mechanism.
Hope aspects of it still get implemented though.

Oh, it will have very little impact.

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dunno about you but for me playing on EU and such is so laggy , can’t bear to do delicate stuff while blacksmithing as it’s just gonna make me frustrated

Main reason why it’s laggy is most likely that none cleans up (all the items lying around like bones, tree branches feathers,…)

Oh I think there was a misunderstanding where they thought you were saying it would cause lag, not that it would be hard to use because of the lag.

Oh then it’s my mistake , I meant that it’s going to be frustrating due to the lag , delicate and precise actions are really hard to do when the servers lag hard.


Would love to see this in the game!

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Super good idea… sounds like a really cool mechanic, however people would probably need some way to turn down particles, in case it generates too many.