Make bows more appealing

it would be cool if their were more of a variety for bow so it would be more appealing for others to use bows like maybe a hebios bow or a phantom string to put on it. a man made explosive arrow that dose more DMG. poisonous arrows that you have to make from a cauldron. stuff like that bc at the moment you cant be that creative with bows bc theirs not a lot cool rare things. their are some cool things but not a lot of end game stuff. like what if their was a rare tree you hade to climb to the top of and dip your arrows in it and they were really good but their would only be a set amount in it.

Tipped arrows would be great. As for explosive arrows, they can be made currently by putting a tura tear on an arrow shaft.

on top of that the turabada eyes are better on kunai handles because when launched from a slingshot it goes much further and is more accurate. I think you should be able to attach dynamite or fireworks to the ends of the arrows.

You can already make explosive arrows using turabada eyes. just put one on a shaft!

It’s just the range on it is horrendous, I just more options, maybe less damage with the other ones?