Make Schmeechees Pocketable

I wanna take the cute little walking mushrooms home. Please let us put them in our belt or backpack.

Core concept
Could also make them stackable, so I can keep an army in my pockets at any time.

I like your idea but I was thinking something more along the lines of you can feed smeechees some dry grass (mushrooms consume dead plants) and then when tamed you can have them on your shoulder.


I feel like letting us stack schmeechees would lead to crashes from players getting 200 and flooding the pond with them.

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I also don’t think being able to put a living creature in your backpack would make that much sense.


Very good point, brother

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Yeah, if we get a system for getting pets/companion pets it would more likely be something where we can put them in stasis and then store them either the same place we put them in stasis or normal storage.

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No idea if i can bump this idea but what about a specific smeech carrying backpack attackment

Little pocket snack