Make teleportation distance unaffected by weight

There are several locations in the game designed around the standard teleportation range that the weight system can severely hinder.

As it is now, even carrying a moderate amount of items can make certain paths difficult, or even impossible, to traverse. Examples being the platforms leading to the potion crate, and the hidden area behind the woodcutting shack.

I understand that you intend to re-balance teleportation so that it doesn’t outclass smooth locomotion in speed by adding a delay. To accomplish this while still keeping the standard teleportation range, you’d just have to scale the delay to how much weight the player is carrying. The heavier they are, the longer the delay on their teleport.

This sounds good, I think it would be better to change teleport cooldown for weight.

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I totally understand your thought of a rebalancing but in comparison to real live I fear the actual system is pretty acurate. Teleporting works like jumping from one platform to another and every additional weight will shrink the distance you can jump.

This is frustrating for someone who want’s to traverse a certain path but this opens up for a more diverse playstyle with heavy loaded item hoarders - prepared with everything for a long journey and lightweight faster players which can reach higher places or work like fast carriers.


Depends on how the devs want to do it, if they think the player should be blocked form going up stairs if they are too weighed down then sure, but it also might have been an over site, sure if it’s something that would take a big jump then it should be blocked, but I’m not sure about something like the mine stairs (assuming it is a problem right now) if that is the case maybe also just making those stairs more slopped since they did come from a time when teleport was the only way to get around IIRC.

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