Make the game better PLEASE

I think i talk for everyone (or atleast a lot of people) in the community when i say this, but make the game better, it’s dry feedback i know but im gonna explain more.

So every week or so you guys have update week, and i think it works great and it’s nice to come back every week to new content for the game and something new to try, that’s always fun. But if you just keep adding more and more content it’s just gonna be a game with a lot of features but also bugs. For example the new combat shrines. I haven’t tried them myself (yet) but i have heard they are quite fun, and a thing you can get from them are upgrades to the smeltery, which also seems like a cool feature, but with this it also added a bug where players can’t smelt stuff. In my case i wanted to make a sword so i could try out a combat shrine, but it wouldn’t let me smelt anything, so i just gave up. It also added a glitch where you instantly die from using the televator. And i do notice that you are maybe already working on those glitches, but instead of launching another update next week thats gonna make more bugs, just try to fix the current bugs in the game, cause there is alot

And im not saying remove the update week, not at all, im just saying maybe make it update month, or make updates every other week, then you have a whole week to work on glitches. Cause it’s nice to have so many features to explore and experiment with, but all im saying is.
If you keep adding more and more updates you’ll have a game with alot of features, but also alot of bugs making the game unbreakable.

There is also the huge problem with the servers and how trash they are, my server crashes at least 3 times everyday, so maybe also work on that?

Thanks for reading this

Keep in mind the devs don’t always do a massive update for the week, in fact most updates are primarily dedicated to adding smaller quality of life features that make sense for the update as well as bug fixes. The main issue that my friends and I experience problems with that make Township unplayable or at least hard to enjoy is the servers, which as you said cannot really handle the game in its current state. I would say if the devs continued at the pace they have set, while dedicating more time and resources to server management and bug fixes, they could vastly improve the township experience without slowing down too much on new content.

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Hey! Just to address some thoughts here:

  1. We have no plans to stop or pause content development. For us it’s just a balance of assigning the team between fixes/balances/optimization. For many players, especially long established ones, new content is pretty important. Somewhat related, is the team skillset: artists for instance, won’t be able to fix programming bugs, but will be able to continue working on new content. You’ll notice the trials are (primarily) an art/design feature.

  2. Not being able to smelt things is likely due to you trying to smelt higher tier metals without said upgrades. I can imagine how this would look like a bug, and do think some visual communication to show that, rather than simply doing nothing, would be a nice addition.

  3. Televator bug should be patched just now. Although we do our best to squash bugs prior to updates, often some slip through. Unfortunately sometimes those ones are quite bad, like this one. Let me know if this is still an issue for you.

  4. Updates are every other week :wink: And they don’t all contain new content. I imagine the next few will mostly be fixes or small content.

  5. Re: server crashes, it’s something we’re investigating. I do agree this has been occurring way too much.