Make the Training Dummy More Usefull

Add some indicator on/in/around the training dummy outside the blacksmith that displays how much damage you do to it for testing weapon damage.

Core concept
Right now the only use for a training dummy is messing around or figuring out how to get critical hits. The only way to test damage of late tier weapons reliably is to hit someone and have them tell you the damage. It is often not easy to get volunteers in the non-pvp servers.

Adding a health bar or some other visual to the training dummy that lets us see how much damage a strike or stab does would make weapon-making more engaging progressive.

This will become more relevant as bigger enemies or dungeons roll out when more damage is needed.

Side note
The training dummy does not have the same collision physics as players and monsters so using it to practice techniques can be useless.
(Right now weapons go right through the dummy no problem while players and monsters will stop a weapon on contact)

+1 on a number popping up over the dummy when you hit it. Plus it gives value to the training grounds since they are literally never used.

I don’t think the devs want us to know the actual numbers of damage, 'cause then it’s quite easy to discover the meta.

What about like color or a partially filled bar or something? The problem is, you can always get a number by hitting another player and just having them tell you how much damage it does. so you’re not really preventing players from getting numbers, you’re just making them go about it in a weird way.

I know it may not make sense, but the devs have said that they just don’t want you to be able to get these accurate figures, at least not easily.

Now I’m imagining some kind of status or identification spell/skill (I know it’s very weeby) a weaker version that shows like a wheel to show the health and such near your hand for a while while aiming at something, and a stronger option that displays the same health wheel near the thing being identified.

I’m sure it would be a pain to design though, has legibly show information on the target while also not using any words and fitting the ATT style.

Though the spell/skill would most likely be more of a scholar or merchant thing, but it would make having one give some interesting benefit to a party.

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