Make Training Dummies Give You Combat Exp

I think hitting training dummies should give you exp because it is training.

You still are using weapon durability to hit the dummy so i think it should give exp.

it should give you a bit less exp then real enemies but should give exp.

NO, reason: you will se a crowd around the dummy hitting it with a knife in each hand for 10min. long (it takes 5min. of continued hitting to get 3 lvls in combat).


I’d have to agree that it’s better not to. There’s absolutely no skill involved. It would also be unfair to players who put in a lot of work crafting, mining or fighting to skill tree, when a new player could just spend all day hitting a dummy with flint and obtain the same power.


Very much a no-go, people would be only hitting the dummy to get xp. Especially with the forest update coming and player wipe that’s all people would be doing once wipe happens.


Only reasonable argument I can think of would be to allow fresh characters gain a little combat xp from dummies, but NOT beyond level one. Or even halfway to level one of melee or archery. Justify it as the person getting used to the bare basics of swinging, thrusting, shooting etc, and nothing more beyond that.


This would be good, though there could be the problem of players getting confused, if it’s only halfway it might become some obscure thing that would only spread if people were going out of their way to tell newbies about it or if it gives a full level it still would be obscure since players wouldn’t be able to tell they are getting exp (like the halfway thing) untill they get a level and if they some how get a level from this without knowing it only goes to one level they might waste a lot of time trying to get a second level.

If we did have it, it might need a part in the tutorial explicitly explaining that you can get a single level from dummies. Also if it’s only to halfway (and maybe even if it isn’t) it would be good to have to so halfway to getting level on in those skills should show a silver glow (silver version of the normal level up) so that players know when they stop getting exp without going to a shrine.

I think it would be cool and work better if skill trees had a “basics” level for all skills that give small improvements and basicly signify that a player is using, even if just partly, a skill tree it would also need a buff of one or two skill slots so we aren’t restricted even more on skill points and it would also encourage sticking to job even more since every job has buy in of one slot then.


Knives are like 2 ingots, craft like 6 to 10 of them and your good or even better craft a arrow head and put it on a handle that’s 5 “knives” for 2 ingots.

There was a point in the game that sandstone did damage to enemies, but that damage was 0 and sandstone did not break, so people will take 2 pieces of sandstone and keep hitting a enemy for 5 min. and end up with 3 warrior skill points, so what’s keeping people from doing that with the dummy even if it’s like half of the normal xp you get (dummy is easier to handle then a enemy, so if you waste some ingots but get 3 lvls in like 10min., people will abuse it).


And don’t forget when the same thing worked with practice wooden swords till they patched that.

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Not sure I what you mean but I remember messing with some friends where we made a bunch of wooden swords, stood in a circle and just started swinging and level from it. Didn’t care for warrior skills but it was a fun time.

Oh sorry thought you were replying to the other post, I was thinking more for the basic level it wouldn’t give you any abilities but it would give you a bit of a boost to using the job weapons/tools, just something to give more of a difference between a player with and without the job besides the abilities which would help incentives more specialization.

While for obvious reasons making dummies give combat exp is a bad idea, I do think it would be good if hitting them didn’t take away durability

it would maybe be possible to advance it a bit further. Make the dummies only grant you enough xp for a basic skill, since you dont get actual experience by hitting a dummy, in this game or any other game for that matter, make it so you only get to level up once and maybe halfway to the next level. Then you are required to farm animals. This would probably only work when they add a more advanced leveling system.

I think that this would be abused by the lazy people, who would just sit there and grind xp for hours, you see even if the experience is a tenth of an enemies, it doesn’t fight back and is immortal, so you can grind away with cheap blades to farm xp to gain the good skills from the warrior stone

…unless they only give xp while the player is below level 1 in any given skill. (which I still think would be a decent idea) That way you could literally only train against the training dummies. Get your very first skill. …and from then on you have to get xp in “the field” as it were.

that would work

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I like the idea, and I don’t like the idea of players abusing xp from it with a couple flint. So extension of that idea into a new one.

Training combat challenges
Challenges requiring the player to deal an amount of damage/crits. For melee users a challenge for accurate swings. And for bow users a challenge for distant shots/moving dummy shots.

And if the challenge isn’t finished in time or failed no XP is gained, if it is then you do.

And these challenges would only be able to be challenged once or twice per day per challenge.

I feel like this still keeps the idea of training which I liked

that would work really well, maybe you should also be allowed to backtrack on the different challenges to hone in on perfecting specific skills

Like to play completed challenges again, just for more practice, that’s what I think you mean but I’m not sure

thats exactly what I mean

Okay yeah I like that