Making Salads

So hear me out, I think we should add the ability to make salads using already existing food items plus a little more that would need to be added.

So for this all to work we would need to add:
*Lettuce- forage-able and grow-able
Cucumbers- forage-able and grow-able next to something like a fence for support of the plant or using a stake
*Fork (optional)- can be used to eat the salad

Ingredients already in the game
Tomato (halves)
Carrot (would have to be able to cut into small chunks)
Onion (halves)
Garlic (halves)
Salt (cannot be chopped)

Making the salad
You would need to be able to add these chopped ingredients to a bowl, and the food items would equip into the bowl. The maximum amount of ingredients able to be added would be between 4 and 6 ingredients per salad.

We’re gonna need olives so we can make olive oil, for salad dressings

Once cooking gets upgraded with more features in the future, I imagine salads like this are planned, cause it would be really simple implementation and likely require no heat, making wilderness assembly a possibility.

Mushrooms could get WAY more use.

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