Mana potions

When magic gets added into the game to make it more balanced. You could add mana potions you find in the mines or in the camps.

Core concept
So it would be a blue glowy drink that would glow and you find them in glass bottles in the caps or in the mines. And this would help since magic will be a ranged tool that you can do almost anything with. you can pour this like any liquid. There would be a blue bar on your wrist under hunger for mana. And in the mage skill tree, you can upgrade this bar to be bigger. once you are out of juice instead of nothing happening when you cast a spell you just get a spark.

Personal twist
Also, something I would like it to do is. When you open it there is a blue misty steam that just flows out like water vapor.

This isn’t much of an idea, putting a side the fact that people have mentioned it before in a previous "magic idea post, this is mostly a example of the default way to get mana back in almost any game with magic in it.

I’m sorry but this post doesn’t really add anything to the basic idea of a mana potion which is the default idea that comes up when someone thinks of “other way to get mana beside regen”

It would be good to explore the interesting ideas you can do with mana (and mana potions) besides

mana potion (that gives you mana) found as loot (in the two normal looting areas), that glows (with magic most likely). Mana would have a bar, and there would also be a skill to have more mana, also visual effect when insufficient mana.

I try not to get annoyed about this stuff, but the devs prefer having one post for an idea and everyone discussing that idea to make it better, but posting the textbook definition of a mana potion doesn’t add much of anything.

A better thing to do is give ideas about how it would work, such as mana fatigue making you unable to spam mana potions, though that isn’t even original in the slightest.

Maybe something more than it being a loot item, why not a way to produce them more reliably, much like the TP potion we have, but have a cost to it, such as the mana spring is in one of the camps, or you can turn unused mana into pure mana to put in a potion?

How about two exclusive mage skills, one that doubles the natural mana regen of the player, but makes mana potions give no mana, and one that reduced mana regen to zero, but makes one charge of mana potion fill the player’s mana fully?

What about a mechanic to purify mana to give more mana and mana related buffs, such as faster mana regen and a higher mana cap until the effect wears off?

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for anyone that cant read all of that here is the tl:dr
This has been said multiple times before your idea is not original blah blah blah. Here is my “original” idea that makes it more easy to get potions. And I am a backseat mod.

I’m sorry,

This has been said multiple times before

I said that it was mentioned on a previous post, though I also mentioned that was more hidden in the post, than front and center.

your idea is not original

Okay that one is more accurate, but still it’s not that it’s just a unorignal idea, it’s the textbook defintion of that mechanic that is just about expected. It’s like suggesting “More Monsters” with the context of the caves being updated (Example, don’t think caves are planed to have an update soon)

Here is my “original” idea that makes it more easy to get potions.

I didn’t say to make the more reliable option to get mana potions should be easier, I did give the suggestion of having something like the tele potion refill spot, but that was just an example that was pretty obviously not “My OC plz no steal” since I said the example was of something that was already in the game, and the fact that it isn’t necessarily easy to do, since you have to get through the forest with monsters to get to it and it’s even farther away. It also seems like you are taking a personal offence to this part with the “easy to get potions” but I understand that since it sucks when mechanics don’t have a good barrier to get to it and doesn’t add depth to the game since everything can be done from the get go.

And I am a backseat mod.

Oh I get it, it’s a reference to when I said that the devs should take action, oh wait.

Edit: more accurately I wasn’t telling anyone to take down anything, just that what was done was lowering the quality of the discussion by forcing anything that would add to it into the replys, instead of being able to vote on it using the main post.

Edit2: Oh, I noticed that you are the one that made the original post, so I kinda gave you more benefit than just someone just that took it personally, since it was your post.

Besides what @Edit said, the devs have said multiple times that they are not going to use a traditional mana system.

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