Map Clientside Glitched

When it comes to the forest, my version is bugged and the grass texture is cobbled stone, and part of the redwood forest is a giant pit, and nonexistant. This is only for one server as well. I’ve both repaired the game and reinstalled it.

I have eyewitness reports of me literally falling into the floor.
Hey Its Light — Today at 12:18 AM
Reproduction Steps:
N/A, I loaded into the server and it was just like that, has been since i first joined
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Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post.(In regards to log files, I’m 90% sure that they’ll have nothing to do with this, since its persistant)

You should include your log files. You are the one experiencing the issue, not other players. That means YOUR code is messed up.
Without the logs, the devs have no means of figuring out WHY the behavior occurs for you. It’ll never get fixed that way.

Other users have reported similar issues:


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Is this at all similar to your issues? The rendering and texture issues seem the most similar. That information may help the devs.
But you should 100% still attach the logs, especially given that you’re on PC and you actually have logs, compared to those of us on OQ2 without logs.