Map Creator

Don’t expect me to reply to comments until later because I’m at school right now.

This idea sparked from an earlier one I made on the discord but also when I was talking with @Edit in this thread. I think modding is super cool and i’m excited to see what people come up with, but along with modding I think there should be an official map creator with the current town map as a preset that can be loaded and edited so people can change one simple thing if they want. I think it would be awesome though if people could make their own maps so we could make the map that fits our private server. Anyway, class just started so bye.

I don’t think server-side modding would be viable, it just doesn’t work well. Perhaps players could make t he maps and send them over to the devs. But I am, for the first time, against modding.

Please provide an example of server side modding that doesn’t work (not trying to be rude I just don’t know too much about it).

Well this is for private servers, which I think the server owner should be able to edit the map for that. Though the only problem I could see is the devs not wanting anyone to have a copy of the game world but player should still be fine with having full access to just putting in a new map in it’s place.