Megathread - Quest / PC (

If you’ve found any bugs that are new in the latest update, please post them here, with repro steps if you have them. If it’s a serious exploit (eg. duping), then please DM me on dicord. Please don’t DM me for smaller bugs, it takes a lot of time to go through.

Thanks in advance everyone for your insight.

EDIT: Please state your platform (PC / Quest)

  • Fireworks no longer make a noise when exploding.
  • If you explode a firework in your hand, it leaves a permanent light source.
  • Dry grass no longer makes any sound when burning in any form (balled, placed, on a torch)
  • It is very difficult to put items on docks or back while moving.
  • Sometimes can’t see fullness, seems to happen after a while on server.
  • Players skins don’t appear when they first spawn or respawn for about 10 seconds.

Basically nothing in forest also there is the rest of the forest in the main menu fix pls

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PC Version

  1. If you hold a firework in your hand and it explodes, it leaves a permanent light source
  2. Items seem far more jittery, atleast one chisel has disappeared at mach 8 through the wall after gently setting it on a table.
  3. Some backpack attachments sorta appear as 2 random unattached floating wood pieces when someone with them equipped moves around.
  4. PvP damage appears to not be working.
  5. Health and nutrition bars only appear when your hand is super close to face
  6. Sometimes while holding items, it just starts wind-milling or spazing out in general
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When approaching others on quest, their items in their bags are temporarily available to grab


Trade post command is broken

Trade post is temporarily disabled, not broken.

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some visual glitches as well

This appears as if the server owner had been hacking some content. It’s hard to see what here was intentional or not.

huh im confused?

Mirages are back

Reproduction steps:
Clip through the wall that leads to mines that teleports you to spawn

Edit: This also leads to the forge disappearing most of the time as well

If that’s in reply to the above screenshot, I think what’s going on is fullness is only displaying on one arm and not both.

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This was a thing on Quest, player docks seem to be completely serversided now rather than clientsided, so latency can cause your player docks to lag behind you, requiring you to stand still to dock something.

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EDIT: The forum wasn’t letting me post all the bugs I found, so this post with all the bug fixes has been replaced with this google doc, which I will try to keep updated.


The server selection orb is small and offset

On PC (A Dungeon Tale)

  • Prefabs are broken old and new
  • Big and small forest have little to no choppable tree generation
  • Most items dont have sound like fireworks and leave lingering light effect
  • When walking through the big forest some chunks delete all items being held in hand
  • Some weapon skills arent working correctly with all weapons
  • Bows are not working as they used to (not sure if intentional or not)
  • General grabbing of items from slots is really finicky


this is probably my favourite thing to have ever written to the undocumented changes list

ways to get underneath the blacksmith to retrieve items that fall through the floor have been patched. as far as im aware, they are unobtainable after falling through the floor. either fix the floor collision or reintroduce getting underneath the floor so players dont lose items due to glitches. may be possible to remove all grass collision underneath the smithy wood floor so all items fall into the void and return to the players mailbox, but im unsure if chiseling blades from handles will remember the owner

So I found a couple strange things that might have been caused by the previous duplication bug on my friends server. It mainly seems to have affected torch stands, and a storage shelf.
(Not 100% sure that the shelf is a bug, but I remember it being closer to the wall, and during the duplication incident, there ended up being 2 of them in different spots.)

Google drive with a few more photos

Smoke exhaust outside forge can be clipped and teleported into, making it hard to kill thieves.
You can still get under the carpentry house by teleporting into the corner above the pond
Dying and putting your head under the water makes you breathe underwater