Melee Weapons

Hi, I’m new to the game and it’s amazing! Exactly what I’ve been looking for for years.

I just have one tiny problem, the fact that if you like, you can swing the biggest sword as fast as a dagger. Which kind of makes daggers obsolete. I’m playing as a ranger with a backup melee weapon and at this point I might as well use a Greatsword rather than a dagger.

I think it’d be great if there was a system for the bigger weapons that takes skill to master. Like if you swing too quick you drop the weapon with one or both hands and your hands glow red and the controllers vibrate for a half second before you can pick it up again . The speed at which you can swing will then depend on the handle and weight of the weapon.

Rather new myself, so I can’t say I’m exactly an authority here, but from what I’ve experienced in the game so far weapon weight already plays a pretty decent part in how damage is calculated in the game. For heavier weapons, you do need slower, more forceful swings with the weapon in both hands to get maximum damage out of them. In fact, the large, two-handed grips actually break quicker if you try and use the weapon as you would a quicker one-handed weapon.

That being said, this isn’t an exact science, and the game will absolutely allow you to attach larger blades to shorter handles. (within reason) Just don’t expect to get the same amount of damage out of them as you would with a longer handle and wider swings.

(if anyone is more knowledgeable on this topic, feel free to jump in and correct me. Could be mistaken on some of the nuances with the mechanics here)

Yea weapon weight as not been added yet, it was a bit in supporter preview of ladders, but the last time i heard about it was that Joel is still tinkering with it.

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Yeah sounds good, it was just my personal opinion that you shouldn’t be able to swing it that fast bc GOD knows I couldn’t in real life

better now?