Metal tweaks

So in the current state of the game there is a obvious progression of metals that no one really deviates from. Get copper for backpack then iron tools then blood iron, silver, valayan. While metals like electrum iridium and mythril get ignored.

So here’s some durability and damage tweaks i came up with

Electrum would have a big damage buff so its worth it the lower durability
Palladium would no longer be the most durable metal
Iridium would be the most damaging metal
Valayan would be the most durable
Mythril would be half way between iridium and valayan

Edit: electrum would be more durable then regular red iron
Electrum would do more damage then silver but less durability
Silver would be half way between electrum and palladium

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curious why would you want a change if what we have works?

I think the idea is to have the alloys that no one uses besides ascetically actually be part of the gameplay loop and not to just have a god metal that all else is inferior in every way to. One way this could also be implemented is different metals having resistances/buffs for elements, such as silver having extra damage against something undead and also protects better against undead (not that we have undead in the game right now) so someone that either fights mostly undead or is planing to fight in an area with lots of them might opt for more of that instead of a metal that is only good overall.

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Having one god metal is no fun.

These are just basic changes that I thought of for now but in the future when magic is added maybe copper will be incredibly conductive but you need the best materials to prevent it from blowing up