Mic-off icon over player head

When microphone is turned off, put an icon over player head, even names turned off

Core concept
I’m a silent player. I’m able to talk, I want (it’s how I like to play). Usually, i’m playing with mic turned off using icon from radial menu. I’d like to show to others when I can’t talk (usually they say something like “hi” or “hello”, obviously I can’t reply).

Sorry for my approximate english, not my native language.

OK, so the point there seems to me is,
You are physically able to speak,
But you don’t prefer voice chat in game,
And you don’t want to look rude by ignoring greetings from others those passing by,
So you want a mute indicator to show others that you are muted so you don’t have to explain.

OK, my opinion, if you prefer mute, it is totally fine. An indicator next to player id shows mute or even speaking is actually a nice idea, but I think it is unnecessary to show it even when other player turned off player id, because those who rather play the game with out player id showing, are players who prefer a deep immersion, and I don’t think it is a good idea to bother them, because they should have the option to play this game in a very immersive way just like you can have the options to play this game muted, it only fair this way. Otherwise, it is destroying other’s preference for your own preference.
Also, if you don’t prefer or even unable to greet other players with your voice, you can still wave hand or nod head to greet them.
And finally, your English looks absolutely fine and understandable to me, it is my second language as well, you are totally good to go.