Miner helmet

A helmet that you can attach a flashlight to, and it wold point the flashlight to the direction you look in.

More or less just a armor piece that you can attach a flashlight to. and the flashlight will follow the direction of where you look

and maybe a hidden blade that can be put in wrist armor

What would be some downsides to the helmet? How you are describing it seems it would make flashlights and lanterns by themselves useless.

it would be a helmet you can put your flashlight on. like you put your lantern on wood handles

Right… but is there a downside to using this helmet as opposed to just using the flashlight by itself? I see no reason for the player to be able relieve a holster or not have to carry a lantern/flashlight on a stick without a downside to using the flashlight helmet. The helmet just seems a bit too good not to have a downside to it or two.

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the helmet would be released with the new armor crafting update. so there would be the downside of not having head protection

This is basically just this post Miners Cap, please check for similar posts before making a post.

Also IIRC the devs have plans for something like a lantern on a stick attached to the backpack, which would already serve this propose.

oh. well my idea is to attach a flashlight to a hat. but kinda the same

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