MineShaft is more dangerous than the creatures inside

was mining in the mineshaft (near the blue crystals in the ground) and noticed some of the rocks cant be mined (they have copper in them)
so i decided to put a dynamite on it and leave but the fuse was 2 seconds for some reason and killed me and as i was trying to get to my stuff again i got killed by a weird trigger hurt (instant death) on an edge to the stone steps down to the actual place is and its like a 2 foot drop and it just kills you so i spent so much time dying to game logic i had my stuff stolen by the time i had gotten there which was a greatsword using Red iron for the sword with a iron hilt stick and a blue crystal on the end and my backpack…if i could get those back i’d be happy but i doubt its possible

side note the Mineral rocks that float cant be mined, getting out of bounds around the edge of the map is a bit amusing…other than that keep up the great work

It’s best to report lost items (such as ones lost in the mines on the discord’s #lost-in-found channel, but for the rest of the stuff it was good to give the feedback of the buggy mining experience!