Minor Accessibility Issues

Hey, first off I want to say that I really love the game so far and I think it’s amazing to finally see some developers making a legit game with VR for once instead of something that squanders the potential of the platform or is just a gimmick, and I’m personally really excited to see where the project goes from here.

Now, on to the actual point of the post. I play with an Oculus Touch system and with the way my room is set up my trackers don’t work so well with me picking stuff up off the ground, whenever I get my hands down to any items to pick them up my trackers are no longer able to see the controllers so I can’t actually pick up items very well, and with my current situation there’s really nothing I can do to remedy this issue myself, it would be perfect if there were options to make picking up items easier and less of a pain for people in these situations (Ex: Picking up items from a distance albeit with a balanced limited range for doing so).

The only other big issue I have is that now after only having played the game twice my back and legs are messed up from standing up and bending over so much, will there ever be options like a sitting mode?

The devs are currently debating over adding a tele-grab feature

Probably never will have tele-grab, but may implement a forced ‘crouch’ button option to help people with disabilities or the inability to actually crouch for whatever reason.


If this isn’t already a thing, You could add a floor height adjustment for the game to make this easier. (ie bring the floor up or push it down just for you)

Like Joel said; I think an “artificial crouch” button would solve this very nicely.

It’s worth mentioning as well: I have problems picking things up sometimes even with the Index! tracking is NOT the issue, but the fact that the character arms are not as long as my actual arms means that when I think I’m grabbing an item off the ground, my virtual hands are still hovering above it, which means I’m forced to mash my beloved new controllers into my floor.
Correct arm length and/or artificial crouch would help immensely.


Hi all, I feel like I need to bump this post up again.

As someone who has to deal with the occasional back pain, right now as it stands (pun intended) picking up objects from the ground is a particular hindrance to my experience with the game. I’m forced time and again to actually press my hand against the ground IRL to pick up any virtual objects, and that kind of repeated bending isn’t helping me at all.
While playing while seated is a “workaround” it’s a poor answer to accessibility options.

While it’s true you can’t say “better to have it and not need it” when it comes to game dev, a good portion of VR games now don’t have such heavily reliance on picking things up from the physical ground so much. Considering the type of experience you’re making, having all players have options for reaching objects would only improve things.

Tele grab will never be a thing. The devs are deciding whether or not to make a crouch toggle button. It would certainly be good to have the game be more inclusive to those with back and other problems that make it hard to bend over much.

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A crouch toggle seems like the most immersion-friendly solution to this, and also the most likely thing that the devs will choose to add. Fingers crossed, eh?

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While I think pure tele grab with no lore reason wouldn’t be good at all I did mention that the ability being attached to a glove would be a fine way to do it. Though that would then mean it wouldn’t work as an accessibility option since you need to get the item first. Just saying it could be added.

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I disagree. I personally like how difficult it is to obtain iron and other ores.