Missing text

Description: at times, completely randomly, all text will disappear. Any numbers, or letters, will just vanish. It’s most noticeable in the menu area, as all signs will still be there, and all the servers will still be in the server list, but for one reason or another, there will be no text, so it is impossible to tell which server is which, or how many players are on them. Not only that, but the description will be gone as well, and the friends list has the same issue as the server list. Then, when you do get into a server, it’s impossible to tell how many of what items you have. It’s the same issue that was present with the hoarders bag previously.

Reproduction Steps: totally random

Server: any server, or even just in the menu

Time: any time

Dicord Username: MojoTehfox#5303

Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post.