Mixing Potions

Mix and match potions for certain effects!

Core concept
My idea is this, in gourds you have two shots of potion, however from what I know, it only supports one type of potion. so I propose that we have the ability to mix and match potions in gourds to give desired effects. You could mix a healing potion with a strength potion for example, and it would have half the strength than drinking the potions individually, but you would get the mixed effects at the same time AND have two shots of the potion mix. it would be a very cool addition.

that would be broken the best resistance+the best strength potion whit 3 salts would kinda break it (to maybe it could work maybe i am just thinking the worst)

I think wolventrix is saying that the effect of each would be halved though. So best resistance and best strength would be at 50% effectiveness, but both in one gulp. The trade-off is potency for convenience, to maintain balance and not become OP. …If I read it right.

that’s exactly what I meant. im just bad at explaining things

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