Modify Clubs for Max Stun Potential

Make the bonk-stick bonk harder. The club should, on a headshot, lock the target down for 2-3 seconds.

Core concept
As it stands, there is NO point to craft clubs. Why not use them for stunning monsters or enemy players? Stunning sprigguls could be useful for domestication for farming, or just bonk the turabadas to knock them on their butts. This could also be useful as a town-guard tool, as it shouldn’t MURDER them with mass damage, but it could be used to stun thieves/trolls/rule-violators with policing.

The trolls could of course use the same mechanic to abuse TNT kills or just be rude, buuuut hammers already stun, so it’s not like it’s an extreme jump from no-stun. Besides, trolls will troll no matter the mechanics or preventive-measures.