Monument To credit people who subitted ideas that are used

I wish that there was a monument to credit people that submit used ideas. This could be on the discord or anywhere for that matter. I just want to be loved :sob:

I could see so much drama coming from that, people complaining that they added a lot to that idea and should be credited too, people saying other people stole the idea, etc. Not to mention that a lot of ideas have been suggested many times when the discord let people put down ideas.


It was a joke, but okay

Idk why im posting on this old thread but some statues honoring supporters who supported for a certain amount of months (or some other criteria) could be neat. It’s a good thing I’ll never be on one of those.

I’d definitely say supporters would be better for this, since I’m sure we got hard numbers on how many months different people have supported for, either that or just personal picks from the devs.

Though that strays from the reason for the idea is crediting people that aren’t credited right now (supporters get perks while the people that make ideas got nothing) but then again that still would be a pain to do.

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