More Arrowheads

More arrowheads.

Core concept
Our weapons have this neat system the devs made that came out in the unlimited craftworks update. However, shields and arrows were kind of lacklustre in that update, not having as many options as the weapons/tools/abominations did. This post will be about the arrowheads. I’ve already made a post earlier about the shields.

These aren’t exactly fitting under unlimited craftworks, but more variety for damage types for different enemies in the future would be a good tool to have (slashing like a sword, chopping like an axe, piercing like a rapier, impact like a hammer).

Personal twist (optional)
These are super rough and not at all the 100% intended look to be in-game. Just giving an idea of what different arrow types could look like.

First image from left to right:
Standard broad, Slashing/Chopping, Piercing, Slashing-Piercing Hybrid, Slashing (or specifically flesh?)

Second image reversed order:

Really nicely made! well done.
I feel like we maybe just need one more arrowhead type. We already have a regular broadhead (without barbs though …) and the wide “fork” arrowhead (as long as we can disassemble it from the found arrows and mount on better shafts). We just need a bodkin / needle arrowhead for armour-piercing and that should cover all requirements.

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Armor piercing


I WOULD REALLY LOVE ARROW LIKE THIS AND BOW even if it took 15 bars to make( the arrow head)

That isn’t even an arrow, that is a lance.

That being said I think it would be a tad bit too silly and nonsensical for the game.


Ctfu it’s my second favorite weapon in dark soul and my first is the dragon slayer great ax

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