More Blog Posts!

The last Township Tale Official Blog Post was on September 7th 2019. It has been 10 months since the last one. I’d like to have more frequent, maybe at the very least monthly blog posts so the community can be kept up with the ongoing development of A Township Tale. Something specific that would make a great blog post would be the upcoming Forest update, talking about what it is, a few things that’ll be added, and a bit of developer insight on the developing process or something. I feel like having additional information like this could be really helpful to people getting into the game, and long time community members for many reasons. While you can say that the road map does justice to not having to create a lot of Blog Posts, the road map isn’t too known about and there aren’t really descriptions talking about what the update is or what, specifically, the ideas for it are. More frequent blog posts would be a great way to get the community hyped up for things and make people more knowledgeable about what is going on. Not having blog posts for about 10 months makes the game seem kind of inactive despite it not being inactive. Thanks for reading this and I hope it can be taken into consideration! :grin:

There have been a few things akin to a blog post, such as the Altacasts and the Forest FAQ on Reddit, but I do agree that it may also be nice to sprinkle in these as a blog.

My bad, I am late with a new website that stops blogs.

Yeah, I wish the road map had some kind of description to let me know at least a little more about the website, at least enough to know that blogs are being stopped. Thanks for the reply!

I know some people have joined the discord and been concerned about the game being abandoned based on the stopped blog. I think it would make sense to at least make a final post linking to the YouTube channel, the reddit, etc. which are used frequently now.

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