More Information on Recipes

So one thing I’ve observed in my early game experience of A Township Tale is some ambiguity on what attaches to what and the exact function of each thing that I craft. While the wiki does clear up some of these ambiguities, I feel like with some simple systems put in place it could be made a lot clearer in game without breaking with the low-text aesthetic that the game seems to be aiming for.

Namely, the pages which contain recipes and the moulds have a fair bit of blank space that could be used to provide more info on a recipes functionality.

The key piece of information I would include is a little glyph or symbol on the moulds and recipes that simply indicates what ‘type’ of thing that recipe is. All handles could have a little picture of a handle, all heavy blades could have a picture of a large sword, etc. Even if the symbol is a touch ambiguous (It might be hard to indicate what is a heavy blade and what is a light blade) the key thing this will provide is some measure of grouping and sorting of information. When players find one thing, which may be a pommel, perhaps they still don’t know what it does, but then they find another thing which they clearly recognise is a pommel and, hey, they both have the same symbol!

These diagrams could also be included in other recipes to specify attachment points. If you just have a symbol for a ‘pommel’, a recipe for a handle might also include the symbol for this pommel that indicates that this handle can attach a pommel at a location, and perhaps a heavy blade at this location, etc. If these symbols were smaller then the symbol for ‘handle’ then it should be pretty unambiguous what symbols are indicating attachment points and what are indicating what that recipe itself is.

On the note of differentiating the different blades. I’ve seen plenty of other games that do a symbol such as a single or two hands to show if it’s meant to be 1h or 2h. For the really light blades you could have a single hand with a feather.


Yeah, I really like that idea. It shouldn’t be too difficult to design differing symbols :slight_smile: