More realistic light

So currently we have lantern that offers about same light source as small candle would IRL and spotlight that is so innefective it reminds me of old 60’ flashlight right before the batteries would die. I use both in the mines and maximum gamma setting and I still have trouble to see anything, I get that there’s the atmosphere to think of but when the light just disappears four feet away from the lantern and the rocks seems to drain light rather than reflect it like real surfaces do it gets bit too much and right now it just makes mines more of a hassle than fun.

Not to mention because of this anyone who has any sort of low light vision deficiency (which are quite common) can hardly play the game, I have friend who just isn’t able to play at all because of this and I myself have a lot of trouble there.

I’m not saying you should be able to see in mines without any light source at all, no I like that, but lanterns, torches and spotlight should be more effective and light occlusion should be a thing. They shouldn’t work to few feet distance and then hit the wall of darkness, light doesn’t work like that and all I’m asking is to make the light sources already in the game bit more realistic or at least include magical/improved lanterns and torches that are better to give players with worse eyesight some means of mitigating their disadvantage.

If you want to make mines more challenging, which is not really needed right now due to the glitches causing enemy overspawns and stuff like three wyrms busting from one hole like some deadly Wyrmberos but I assume that will get fixed eventually, I’m sure there are other means.

Very much agree. The cut-off of visibility that lanterns currently provide is pretty unrealistic, and makes the mines a chore to explore.

To add to this concept, I’d like to see the material that you make your Lantern or Spotlight out of change the range/light emission that the item puts out.