More servers

I say add more servers for each region until it balances out to where there are only 20 players max on each region server to help with optimization. Then work more on optimization to hold more people. <3

Adding more regions is extremely difficult for the devs to do, so it’s not really a logical approach to do this. The boom in new players we are experiencing is because of a handful of youtubers making videos on the game, many people are just here to check things out and will not be here to stay, so the US2 server will help a whole lot and if US players actually transition to US2 i would expect for it to not often go past 20 players on any server. Right now we should wait a few week before even considering adding new servers let alone new regions.

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Not to mention the cost of running more servers.

Region-based servers are what he’s asking for. Not more regions.
I don’t think adding more regions is extremely difficult. It’s just time-consuming. Most of the work is the code, and making things work together.

Are you talking about increasing the size of the map? I see I didn’t word it properly but I have been told by the devs that creating new servers in new regions of Earth is extremely difficult, even more than just rolling out a new server in general. The size of the in-game map is not what we are discussing.

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a solution would be if the Alta Team gave up a server hosting kit like the one that minecraft got but no one uses, i know this would be messy at some point since server hosting websites would take advantage of this, but if so, a good solution would be paying the devs and they host a server for you, but like @Zebulaun said making the servers is not the hard part but getting the server hosted on new regions of the Earth, please correct me if im wrong.

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@Soulsciety Are you referring to the players doing the hosting or us paying Alta to host for us? If you are saying that players can host on their own servers, the devs have stated that they want to do all the hosting. If you are saying we should be paying Alta to host for us, that is the approach that I think I would prefer.


i had no idea Alta stated that they won’t allow user managed servers, since that’s the case, yes, my point is that we should pay Alta to have them hosting the servers for us.

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I also didn’t know that they didn’t want any players to personally host servers, good to know!