More Spells/magic etc

The ability to use spells to seek havoc or spells for healing etc. There will be multiple spells to choose from whether you want to summon fireballs, cast light orbs for dark areas and healing people.

If you want to be a wizard, you’re more than welcome to be one or if you just like ditching spells out for fun! What’s that? Low on health from those worms when mining? Welp why not just cast self healing or if there’s other people that needs healing, they can heal you instead and vise versa. If the caves are too dark, you can cast light orbs that’ll stick to the surface of the walls for a few minutes before disappearing. These don’t fancy your style? Well how about being a knight who can cast magic spells meaning dual wielding? Cast spells in one hand and then slay creatures with the other, be creative with it!

Links to some stuff I made in unity out of boredom, future particles images being used will be all made from scratch to avoid any legal issues
link 1: particle and the image used was made from scratch
link2: particle made from scratch, some images are not mine and I do not take credit for them

Not sure what exactly you’re trying to propose other than “add magic.”
If that’s what you’re trying to say, magic is planned in the roadmap. Like wizardry magic. It’s a long time before it gets implemented, however.