Mount related crafting

If mounts are to eventually become a thing in the future of the game, here are some ideas for mount-related crafting recipes

Core concept
Assuming the mounts we’re using primarily are large land animals of some sort, like those being released in the forest. Items like saddles could be created in the crafting house, in addition to saddle upgrades or saddle bags. Since inventories are going to be nerfed sooner or later, extra storage in the form of a mount would prove quite useful. But more importantly is talk about the addition of something like a full scale wagon. Such a large, useful utility vehicle would be an exciting thing to be able to crafting using the teamwork of all three major crafting methods currently in the game. The carpenters could be tasked with making the wheels or chassis of the cart. The cobbers could make the covering overhead or some internal features of the wagon, such as storage upgrades or other “survival” related items. And the blacksmith could potentially play a role in chassis construction too, perhaps even making armor for the wagon to shield it from attackers. Adding something like this would definitely let all three jobs shine a little more, as well as put a larger focus on teamwork, while rewarding players with a very useful, very customizable vehicle for long adventures. Different metals and wood types can also play into cosmetic, and functionality of the wagon, such as how fast it goes, how much it can carry, and how much damage it can take before being destroyed.

Personal twist (optional)
My final thought on the idea that I can see being a big issue: Wagons are great, and even with a difficult crafting recipie, the idea of a group making 10+ wagons sounds pretty silly. I’m not sure if there would be any way to help nerf too many wagons on a server, either from enemies that can do lots of damage to wagons, or a “decay” system, like for arrows stuck in walls. There might also be the concern of where wagons are allowed to be made, perhaps even adding their own new building in town for assembly and upgrading of large land vehicles.

Oregon trail in ATT. I love every part of this idea. :slight_smile: